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Gorman Ranch – Property for Sale

Posted on 01 May 2018 in For Sale | 0 comments

Property Highlights: The entire site is 2,720 acres with approximately 18 acres of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdiction waters and wetlands and 21.6 acres of California Department of Fish and Wildlife Jurisdiction waters and wetlands. Native habitats include: oak, pine, and juniper woodlands, native grasslands, chaparral, coastal scrub, southern cottonwood/willow riparian forest, southern willow scrub, and freshwater seeps. There are at least 25 special-status wildlife species and 3 special status plant species present on the property, including golden eagles, coast horned lizards, and American badgers.

The property is currently undeveloped; there is little to no infrastructure on the property and it is largely undisturbed. It was formerly used for cattle grazing, although there is no longer any livestock onsite. Cattle troughs and fencing, and dirt roads remain, totaling 7.23 acres.

Location: This Los Angeles County property is located in the Santa Clara River Watershed (HUC 18070102) and Antelope Valley Watershed (HUC 18090206) with the closest town being Santa Clarita.

For more information, contact Tim DeGraff (consultant) via email or phone at (415) 259-9793.

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