Our mission is to help you understand the market for mitigation properties. We help you get the best price whether you are selling or buying land or selling or buying mitigation credits. If you would rather have us take care of the day-to-day development and management of your mitigation project, we would be happy to use our team’s expertise to increase the value of your investment.

Credit & Land Transactions

MCS is a licensed real estate brokerage firm. We can help you buy and sell both land and credits for mitigation. MCS is different from your traditional real estate broker. We are focused on mitigation properties and intimately know the market. Our sister company, WRA, Inc. is a prominent environmental consulting group. This means that we are communicating with regulatory agencies and potential clients on a daily basis. We are literally immersed into the deal flow.

Credit Marketing

A rookie mistake is to believe that credits will sell themselves. “Build and they will come” is not the right strategy in today’s competitive market. MCS has a proven strategy based on its team’s experience with traditional commercial real estate leasing operations. We have traditional marketers and designers that produce website and flyers. But we believe that effective marketing relies first on a deep knowledge of the market and on establishing a personal relationship with potential buyers. For this reason, our team continuously compiles information on new projects. We reach out to potential buyers and to their consultants well in advance of them identifying their needs for credits. We also have a reward program for consultants who refer their clients to us. This holistic strategy allows us to build trust and provide guidance to potential buyers and consultants during the permitting process.

Credit Price Opinion and Due Diligence

The mitigation banking market is opaque and fragmented. You need an expert’s opinion to understand the value of a mitigation bank, the potential mitigation value of a property, or simply the fair price of a credit. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the market and our experience developing and operating banks, we can provide you with our best professional opinion. We work with investors interested in buying banks or fair valuations of investments. We also work with appraisers to help them value properties for sale, conservation easements, and properties facing eminent domain. Traditional appraisal does not account for the mitigation value of a property and often equates wetlands with wasteland. But wetlands may provide substantial increases to property values – including their value will yield the greatest return on any sales or valuation.

Asset Management

Operating a mitigation bank is its own business. It requires regular land management, monitoring activities, and reporting to agencies and business partners. Most of our clients are large investors or have day jobs, they do not have the time to focus on the details. Small mistakes can prove costly and have consequence such as agencies suspending your bank or business partners disputing your decisions. Our team has the skills and experience to manage the day-to-day activities of your bank, and to ensure full compliance with the agencies and GAAP financial reporting. You remain in charge of the strategy but we take care of the small things and allow you to focus on the big picture.

Bank Development

If you are interested in developing a bank, we can help you find the appropriate piece of land and develop a bank for you. Our state of the art mapping team uses satellite data to identify the best areas for a bank while our on-the-ground real estate team will work relentlessly to find sellers in the area. Our sister company, WRA, Inc. is the leading consultant for the development and entitlement of banks in the western US having worked on more than 20 different banks. They will be able to design a project within your budget that will fit the market and create both ecological benefits and financial value. Visit our sister company WRA, Inc. for more information.